Bearer Strips

£9.50 plus VAT

15mm x 752mmx1.95mm roller bearer strips for treadle presses


For those of us running good old treadle presses there comes a time when the days of an even impression are over… but not for long.  Many of our presses have old leather roller bearer strips that have worn or stretched or maybe we are keeping our roller height in check with many layers of tape which need to be changed with every job that we do.  Our roller bearer strips can save your print job.  They come long enough for the largest of presses, 752mm and are cut to 15mm wide, so should fit comfortably on many presses, just chop them to length.  They also come ready with sticky on the back.  Just peel and stick, after you’ve cleaned all of the old stuff of your press to start with …

Thickness – 1.95mm

From the tests we’ve conducted the thickness of the bearer strips are an ideal replacement for many leather bearers but each press if different and may need more of less thickness on the bearers.

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