Our Ethos

Green Policy

We monitor every aspect of the company’s operations for areas where we can improve our credentials. We already recycle paper, film and polymer plates. We use corn starch void fill in our packaging and we’re about to offer a carbon neutral shipping option in the on-line store. We use no harmful chemicals in any of our production processes, nor do we produce any waste that’s difficult to process and we use a filtration system for our washout tanks when processing polymer plates which removes waste polymer from the water so we discharge only clear water!

We’re working on it…


Fair Trade?

We manufacture various items that we currently offer in our store, these are precision engineered items which means technology and high end equipment. These items have to be produced in the UK and in fairness we do like to support our indigenous industries, the Union Jack is still the mark of highest standards in engineering worldwide.

We do have further product development plans and we hope some of these will allow us to secure partnerships within the Fair Trade organization and support workers with a fair wage in under-developed nations.


Letterpress In The UK

We have a clear mission statement to support the revival of traditional forms of printing in the UK. There are many who are invested in this endeavor to keep a craft and trade alive, other presses producing fine quality work, workshops that train and teach and other enthusiast organizations. A growing number of Universities are teaching traditional printing again, we supply a number of them.

Everything we offer in our store and all our services to the trade and printers of whatever experience – or none – is all offered at the best prices we can manage to help this community. We also offer full technical support on every product we supply and help those new to printing or with little experience to get started with trouble free printing.

It’s our belief, knowledge is meant to be shared. Feel free to contact us about anything – we’re always here to help.


Best Wishes,


LBP Team