Chase Base Deep Relief 13×9

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The Chase Base For 13′ x 9′ Platen Presses Or Greater

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Size: 280mm x 210mm (width x height)
Material: Precision Ground Aluminium
Finish: Matt Black High Contrast Anodise / White Grid
Shallow Relief Base: 22.37mm (depth) – KF95 Plates
(Solution = 21.8mm base + 1.52mm plate = 23.32mm or 0.918 inch = type high)


The Chase Base Is

  • Manufactured from high quality aluminium
  • Ground flat by precision engineers
  • Anodised matt black then laser etched
  • Resistant to press chemicals

The Chase Base Has

  • A white high contrast registration grid
  • Long lasting hard anodised surface,
  • A 10mm grid for easy alignment

The Chase Base is the ultimate photopolymer plate mounting system allowing easy plate mounting year after year. The grid is easily visible through all foil backed polymer plates allowing small adjustments after mounting when required. The matt black coating is durable and easy to keep clean and plates can be mounted with our ‘Sticky Mount’ system then easily removed after printing for storage and re-use.

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