Roller Gauge

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Type High Roller Gauge 23.32mm ~ 0.918 inches


Type High Roller Gauge 23.32mm ~ 0.918 inches

  • Made from solid aluminium, will not rust
  • Black Bright Anodised Handle & Nerled Grip
  • Precision Ground For Accuracy

Good printing relies on perfect inking, you can’t guess it you have to gauge it. Set your rollers at the right height for the right contact between rollers and type or plate by removing the chase from the press, inking up and winding the inked rollers over the disc of the gauge. A thin stripe of ink will be left, the correct thickness tells you when your rollers are the right height. The inked stripe should be around 1.5mm thick, if the stripe is wider then add packing to your ink rails until the stripe is correctly reduced.

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