Van Son Rubber Based Ink – Pantone Purple

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Pantone Purple

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 A press-ready small offset press printing ink known for its easy working properties. Rubber Base Plus has always been and continues to be the most widely used small offset press printing ink around the world.

It is truly an economical ink since it stays open on the press for days at a time eliminating the need and time of costly wash-ups and it will not skin in the can. It is highly pigmented resulting in brilliant colours and more impressions from each gram. It sets rapidly on uncoated papers making it the ideal ink for quick turn-a-round. Rubber Base Plus runs extremely well on any small to mid-sized press with an integrated or conventional dampening system.

It is compatible with all plate systems especially electrostatic and metal. In addition to its ease of use, Rubber Base Plus is also excellent for thermography, business forms, envelopes and all other letterpress applications where it performs perfectly.

  • 1Kg Vacuum Sealed Tin
  • Non Skinning
  • Leave On The Press
  • The Ideal Letterpress Ink
  • Great Solids
  • Use With No.1 Ink Stiffener For Pin Sharp Text


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