Spring Letterpress Inks Swatch

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Letterpress Oil based Ink

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12 new bright and refreshing colours made from our oil based No.1 Printers ink.The inks will be available as 100g tubes, singly or as a lot!

The No.1 Printers ink for small presses suitable for uncoated papers and all types of plate systems. Suitable for conventional or integrated dampening systems and perfect for traditional printing (letterpress work).

  • 100g Tube
  • Limited Skinning
  • A cost effective Letterpress Ink
  • Quicker Drying
  • Use With No.1 Ink Stiffener For Pin Sharp Text

We are charging a nominal price for our swatch because we are a teeny tiny company.  The cost will be refunded to you with an order or 2 or more tubes of the new Spring Letterpress Inks.

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