Letterpress Type-Height Gauge

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A type height gauge is a device used to check metal type is of the correct standard height for letterpress printing. It originates from the early days of letterpress and is still in use today.

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We proudly offer the first new letterpress type-height gauges to be made in the UK for many decades. Why search for a beat-up second hand item when you can get a completely new gauge that will last.

Our type-height gauge is ideal for checking or confirming that the height of printing blocks, type, slugs of type, engravings etc are the correct standard height for letterpress machines.

To use the gauge, simply offer it up to the item – if it is a loose fit then the item will need packing added, if it does not fit then it cannot be used safely due to risk of roller or machine damage. A correct fit is a smooth, easy one, no effort should be needed at all to check the height.

Note: If the type or block is forced with any pressure then it is very possible that the gauge and/or block will be damaged, remember, a correct fit is smooth and easy:- no pressure is needed.

Standard UK letterpress height 0.918″ / 23.32mm.

Overall gauge dimensions –
115mm x 70mm x 15mm.

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