Letterpress Bronzing Powders – 25g

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Bronzing Powders for Letterpress Printing



If you would like to add in an extra lift to your letterpress printing, especially when using metallic inks on an uncoated board we highly recommend these bronzing powders from Robersons.

As a letterpress printers we have been using these powders for too long to mention and are extremely happy with their finish.

They are a very fine powder that needs to be applied to a wet ink and then brushed off when dry.  Bronze powder is made up of fine particles of metal carefully mixed to produce shades approximating the colours of gold.

Safety precautions need to be taken when using these powders, face mask and goggles and covering of clothing.  The silver powder will need to be carefully ground with a pestle and mortar to achieve a fine powder prior to application.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any more advice or information.

All Bronzing powders are supplied in 25g jars apart from the silver which comes in a 15g tin.

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Gold 2.5, Silver, Copper