New Spring Letterpress Relief Oil based Printing Inks

Letterpress Relief Printing Ink

Sometimes, you want a colour that just isn’t available from the standard Pantone Colours and you don’t fancy mixing it yourself.  We’ve had our thinking caps on about this and we have now released a new range of colours which we hope that you will like as much as we do.  We hope to bring you more colours as they year goes on but thought we’d try with our Spring range of oil based Letterpress Relief Printing Inks.  Made by the same people who supply our vegetable based No. 1. Printing Inks we think that you will love how they print and the extra colour choices they give you.  They are currently only available in 100g tubes and if you want to see all of the new colours printed you can pop over to the store and buy our swatch with free delivery.  Once you buy 2 or more tubes in one go, we’ll refund you the cost of the swatch. Pop over to the store now and take a look.

No More Inky Fingers and Dried Ink – Rubber & Oil Based Ink in Tubes and Tins

Because we get asked a lot if we sell ink in smaller quantities, not everyone wants 1Kg tins, we decided to see what we can do… so, we are now selling our popular No. Oil based printers ink and Rubber Based Letterpress ink in 100g tubes and tins.  This means you don’t have a vast amount of ink sitting on your shelves for millennia, that you may not use and there is less chance of it skinning in the tube!  We currently have the tubes of letterpress ink in Pantone colours in our store and now we have the metallics and fluorescents on there.  Why don’t you click here and take a look


Not every letterpress printer has access to a hot foil machine or wants to.  Instead you can use a very fine metallic bronzing powder to lift metallic ink which can sometimes look a little dark and flat on an uncoated board.  When applied to a wet ink and then dusted off, you are left with a lovely sheen of shiny metal on top of your ink.  Silver, Gold and Copper are now available through our store here.  If you need any advice on how to use them please do get in touch.

If you’d like to find out more, just have a read of our Letterpress Bronzing page