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KF152 material is 1.52mm thick and recommended for use on any thickness of stock but is best for paper and board over 400 gsm – the KF152 works particularly well on thicker stocks where an obvious impression is required. For letterpress work where a strong impression is essential it is not enough to have a deep plate, the shoulder angle of the material needs to make contact with the stock to emphasize the effect. If a thinner plate like the KF95 is used on thick stock the shoulder will reach the paper but the depth of the impression will be limited as the floor of the plate will crush the paper if too much impression is used. This is the advantage of the KF152 that it will yield a deeper impression but if used on thinner stocks under 400 gsm although you will get the depth the impression may not appear strong because the shoulder has not made contact with the paper.

If you’re using stock greater then 400 gsm the KF152 plate will achieve both a strong effect and deep impression. On stocks less than 400 gsm the KF95 will give the deepest impression you can achieve on that weight of board because of the board thickness without requiring a deeper plate.


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