Magnetic Galley Magnets

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Lyme Bay Press Galley Magnets

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Our letterpress Galley Magnets offer a maximum pull strength of 10kg. The channel design with steel casing greatly increases performance. Each galley magnet can be screwed into place using two 4mm screws, or stored using the holes and has a maximum operating temperature of 180 degrees Celsius. They are commonly used on galley presses but have many other uses.


  • 69mm x 27mm x 11.8mm with two 4mm holes.
  • Rectangular design with steel casing which greatly increases performance.
  • Each magnet’s North pole is on the centre of the magnet’s face with the South pole on the outer edge meaning both poles are on the same face.
  • 10kg maximum pull from the magnetic surface when in flush contact with a mild steel surface of equal thickness to the magnet.
  • Resistant to corrosion so no extra coating required.


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