Anti Oxidant Spray

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Farb Fresh Anti Oxidant Spray


In the ideal world we all clean our presses down every day and don’t leave ink, especially oil based on there.  Sometimes we have no choice, if you need to leave your press over night with an oil based in, for example, a light spray of Van Son Anti Skin means you’ll be able to comeback to it later.  Also ideal for spraying on open tins on oil based in to reduce the amount of skinning.

An anti-oxidant spray that prevents skin formation and drying of printing inks in cans, ink ducts and on inking rollers. This product has 75% more active ingredient than most competitive products. The non greasy non yellowing formulation requires no wash up, simply run a few waste sheets and proceed to print. This product is safe on all rollers and plates and is free of propane/butane propellants.


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