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Long Letterpress Quoins – 3.5″

£8.06 plus VAT
A Quoin is a device used to hold cutting dies, printing blocks, embossing dies or letterpress type into printing presses. It originates from the early days of letterpress printing and is still in use today. Price is for 1 quoin.

Composing Stick Holder

£15.00 plus VAT
Lyme Bay Press Composing Stick Stand

I am an Inkoholic Enamel Badge

£4.59 plus VAT
I am an Inkoholic Enamel Badge

‘Get it Straight’ – Em Edition Printers Square

£20.15 plus VAT
'Get it Straight' - Em Edition Printers Square

Letterpress Composing Stick – LEFT HANDED

£40.00 plus VAT
A composing stick is a device used to hold metal type letters while composing lines of type ready for letterpress or hot-foil printing.  This one is specially made for left-handed compositors. Please note that a left-handed stick is held in the right hand and the type is selected using the left hand.

Tympan Bars – Heidelberg Platen

£14.00£17.00 plus VAT
Tympan bars for the Heidelberg Platen – We supply two long ones for the top and bottom of the platen and the short one for the left-hand side as was standard-issue with these machines.

Letterpress Wooden Mallet

£13.50 plus VAT
Lyme Bay Press Wooden Mallet